To the managing director of DazzleSmile. Date:09/12/09

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter of complaint because i have had money taken out of my bank account without my knowledge.

I originally decided to try your free trial pack off the Internet on the 23/10/09, Where i only had to pay a shipping & handling charge. The charge was $14.90, Which i agreed to.

However a further charge of $87.62 was taken from my account on the 13/11/90 to which i had no knowledge of, Therefore i would like to be reimburse with the said amount.

Yours angrily, Darren Hall

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You know what is sad? Customer Service people like Tamika, who responded in this forum, actually are trained (brainwashed) to believe that the trial sample period is not a scam.

One customer service person on the DazzleWhite product chat line told me that his company's products help people all over the world and I think he meant it. I told yeah why solve world hunger when you can whiten the world's teeth for $87 a month? You can get better tooth whitener at the pharmacy for $15-20 that keeps your teeth white for a year. Rembrandt sells a great product that works in 2 hours.

(I did it on the way to a wedding. Really works. Really lasts.) Tamika even tells us that you have to open up another window to find the terms and conditions. That's dishonest.

She probably doesn't even know that when people buy the product she sells that they are signed up for other things they never wanted, probably explained in some more fine print in another window. Tamika probably doesn't know that even when people return the product sent to them that her company will say they didn't get it or that it was a "dirty return." Also, most of us didn't discover the charges on our cards until over 30 days after the return period ends, so the person she is so eager to help will pay to send in her product and not get a refund. Tamika-These are not errors. These are fraudulent and criminal acts.

Tamika has been trained to feel good about what she does. She and her co-workers in India are the perfect cheerful front for a dark and evil scam. Tamika also doesn't know that people who get things they didn't ask for shouldn't have to pay to return them. Well, Tamika I thought I was getting a $1.95 sample for my daughter to use on her teeth, because things are tight.

Instead $415 got charged on my credit card, money I needed to buy Christmas presents. Many of us are out of work and paying $415 for teeth whiteners and a diet club was not something we chose. Tamika you work for EVIL EVIL dishonest people. You and your company have preyed on me and others and we are your victim.

If you really want to help find out what your company is really about and report the owners and managers to the appropriate authorities. You have not helped us and you work for bad people. Those are the facts. Your paycheck comes from stolen money.

You won't ever get that though.

Dazzle on Tamika. :( :cry


i live in the UK and the same has happened to me accept they have taken a total of nearly 130 pounds. I am not happy and would glady send the unused items back and get my money back can anyone help me as i am considering legal action. thanks can u contact me on wales_123@hotmail.com

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #93417

from the time you place your order and the time you receive it....dazzlesmile considers this the 14 day trail period. You don't get a chance to cancel before they charge the ridiculous price of 86.93. It's a good product but way way over priced.


This company is just money stealers,i ordered the free trail,that was in oct 09 just found out that they just took 86.93 out of my account.So i call them and of course get the run around.So i asked to speak to a manager and when she gets on the phone she hangs up on me.I guess it was because she couldnt answer my questions about why they didnt call,email me sooner and that 2 months later they decide to take $ out of my acccount.***


Interesting there are a number of us that were 'took' in a big way. I just got off the phone with my credit company.

They helped me get a credit refund for $24.12 and the $86.93 is under dispute for what that is worth.

My order with them has been cancelled but I'll work on the so called non-refundable amount. Good luck everyone!!!


been done with the same scam and you will find your 30 day money back guarantee has run out so you wont get a refund. You do need to cancel asap, took me days and a lot of searching to find this number 08081201987


um darren do a little research for a number to contact them or the charges will continue the terms and aggrements you checked have more charges of companies interlinked to in and trust me they will be coming

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