bastards, i cannot afford to be ripped off by anyone. i have also been charged 2 x $86.00 fees from my credit card and.

this is extremelly distressing and unfair. i have cancelled my credit card and will not be buying anything from the net again.

This company should be forced to pay back every cent they have illegally stolen from consumers.

make sure you tell your bank to stop your credit card by listing it as stolen this is the best way to stop this from continuing, they need to issue you a new credit card number not just a new card.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #157307

I too filed a complaint with the FTC.gov just now. I am not happy with the customver service I have recieved as I have called them 5 times to cancel my order all within the 10 day trial period.

I also have not receieved my product and today is the 10th day. Don't want to be charged $87.47 on a monthly basis and I don't even want to be charged $3.87 for a product I never recieved. Its interesting as when I call they have all the correct information but somehow they can't simply cancel my order on the phone. I keep being told an email will be sent to me to cancel it myself.

Of course I don't get an email. I was even told that something must be wrong with my email account. Really as I keep getting emails - I think its there system that has a problem and the customer service reps are not emailing me.

If anyone has a company email please post it. I was told to cancel by phone or email but there is no email on the website - only a 888 number


You want to be reimbursed? Fighting with the company yourself won't work.

I went to the FTC.gov and I now have the Federal Trade Commission on my side! I'm a witness against Dazzle's unethical billing practices! Join me and go on that website and file your complaint. I also contacted by state Attorney General and they are also after the company!

Don't just talk, put your $$ where your mouth is and let's shut down Dazzle!!! Join me in this consumer fight!

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