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I responded to ad on Nine MSN Australia for sample of DazzleSmile and Premiere Whitening, postage costs only for two teeth whitening products. Products arrived 6 and 7 weeks later well past time to return.

By that stage 2 large charges had been made to my Visa account which they refused to refund and in addition to the postage.

Cancelled orders 06 November and was given cancellation number - 08 December more large charges on credit card including Super Worldfit who appear to be connected also but with no authority - problem has been given to bank fraud department but who can stop these people!! - CHRISTINE

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I, too, have been scammed by these b****rds. All of them have taken money from my account.

I have cancelled my card and have filled in a Visa dispute form, no idea if I'll get my money back, will let you know.

I'm just hoping like *** that they can't continue to rob me, my bank has said it's impossible for them to get any more money once my card is cancelled, but some of you have other experiences. Good luck to all.


SCAM,SCAM, SCAM.. call your bank immediatly.


have your bank setup a fraud account on this company.


They have caught me too. They have now taken over a total of $200.00 from my account and I have received nothing.

Not happy, how can this keep going on? :(


All these sites and fake businesses are controled by one person . His name is Jesse Willms and he works out of Calgary Canada. He is one of the biggest *** bags on the net.


It is a messy situation. I have encountered the same problem and have reported it to my bank.

Yet what i have been told was unless the subscription is cancelled by these companies they can keep taking the money. Money is taken out by 3 different companies CLN* TEETHC.COM, SII ONLNORD and IBUILDWEALTH.... Unfortunately i couldnt contact the SII ONLNORD yet as the phone number given on the Everbrite Smile web address is constantly "busy"...

I am planing on closing down my bank account and get a new one which most banks can do without a problem (all direct debits and so on can be transfered fuss free) as cancelling the credit card may not help. They can continue on charging you on the same account even if you change the credit card...

Furthermore, i would suggest that everyone having this problem fill out a "fraud report form" which banks can supply you with.

This would help to trace the bank accounts and possibly prevent any kind of future scams of the sort. Good luck to everyone.


I've just called IBuildWealth and she said she has cancelled my account and refunded my $40... which will take 3-5 working days to process...

We\'ll see!For anyone else the phone number was America [I used Skpe so I don\'t know the code] 866 822 9626. Their address is, 8670 West Cheyene Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129I also called the number for MyEverbriteSmile. I didn\'t get much joy from this company. They said that I hadn\'t cancelled my subscription within the trial term, so I\'d been billed $87.47.

He said it was NOT a trial package, it was the full product. He said he had emailed me 3 times when I asked him to send email confirmation of my wish to cancel. He said I would have to follow a link in that email in order to cancel.

I still haven\'t received any emails from him [though debt2wealthclub sent me 2 emails which I received in a minute or so - I was still talking to her on the phone when they appeared in my inbox]. The Everbrite guy suggested that I wait for 2-3 hours [!!!] and call him back [!!!]If anyone\'s interested, he said the company name and address is as follows: My Everbrite Smile, 3609 North 29th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida 33020


They got me too. SiiONLORDR8776833080 took the initial US$3.87 for the trial - ok - then US$87.47 seven days later, before the trial had arrived, then I noticed IBuildWealth had taken US$40 6 days later.

Have just cancelled my debit card.

I hope that finishes it. If anyone has found a way to get their money back please let me know.


I too have been scammed by the same thing with "ibuildwealth" and Sii*onlnord" charging my card a total of £85.54 this month. I got my card cancelled to stop this but still might be asked to pay! :upset


I also have been scammed by this company. They took another £60.75 from my account, but I don't think I'll be seeing the money anytime soon.

Have cancelled the card that I used. So anyone reading this please be aware if you give them your card number they will rob you.


just been told by my credit card company after canceling it. the payments could be carried over to my new card.

has anyone had this happen to them. if this dos happen iam not a happy bunny.


how can I stop any more payments leaving my credit card. and how do bastards like this get away with it.




I was advised by my card company that I had to cancel the subscription I had inadvertantly signed up to - negative option they call it - as cancelling the card would not stop the charges being made by them. After an hour on the phone to US (the number is their reference on your CC statement, with 001 in front for USA) and several goes to enter details in their web site link supplied eventually by them (it does not like UK post codes, phone nos.

and state details) I eventually got a confirmed cancellation email.

I should know that if it looks too good to be true it is!!! At least I got the goods - anyone tried them yet???


I have also had £84 taken in 2 transactions (ibuildwealth (theirs not mine!!) and SII ONLNORD) - so much for saving money on teeth whitening!!!


Has any been scammed by this tooth whitening company SLL* ONLNORD I never received the trial 2 payments taken from bank before I spotted.


Yep - fallen for the same scam. I did all the things to cancel the "agreement" via their deceptive advertising and T&C.

But still got charges on my CC. Now in dispute and cancelled the card. What REALLY gets me is that this page has an advert for this same company at the top - "Trick to White Teeth".

Go figure. If anyone knows how to legally stop this company let us know - I'm signing the petition!

Nis, Vojvodina, Serbia #98219

i ave been caught too!!!! so the only thing u can do guys is freeze your card details and then your bank will issue a new one, then dont buy on the internet without googling the company first, lesson learnt by me... i have lost out over £120.00 in the last month, bank is lookin into it, so BEWARE people, good luck to all tryin to get their money back.


I fell for the teeth whiting internet advertisement, which is deceptive unethical regardles of their purported terms & conditions. Who in their right mind would pay $86.32 for a teeny tiny tube of teeth whiting product that advisertised itself as a free trial for $2.00.

I cancelled my credit card after I noticed $200.00+ of charges by DAZZLESMILE, DAZZLEWHITE,SMILE BRIGHT, & WORLDFIT). I've contacted the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Reports, U.S.Attorney Generals Office, and FOXNEWS (who advertises this product on their webpage. PLEASE contact the FDC et al too - all can be done via the internet.

I also, returned the unused tube & the new tube they sent last week to DAZZLEWHITE - all returned via certified mail. Buyers BE CAREFUL out there - their product is substandard for human use, & their eating out of your credit cards-->CANCEL IMMEDIATELY.


How on earth do we deal with this fraud?

I have had 3 payments taken from my credit card, & received no goods.

Is there any way to stop them taking more money?


read the automated script below from heleen and Lilien Its just an automated excuse They dont mean a dam word of it Wish I could get my hands on them

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