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I fell for it...yep...never thought I would...but I did. Clicked on the "mom finds affordable teeth whitening???dahdahdah" buying these two (pay shipping only) teeth whitening trials and combine the two to get the results of an expensive full size.

Well...don't click on will get two large charges before the "trial period" is over....and you won't get the product. Total ripoff! I'm pissed!

They've told me how to return when I receive...but I have not received and it's been over a month. I know their plan...but I will do my best to spread the word and report to bbb.

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Castle Pines, Colorado, United States #349757

I too bought the product, BUT.. I received both of my products, they say you have with-in 30 days to use the product and send it back, Before they charge you.....

The crazy thing is that after about 2 weeks of using the product mt teeth were "Seriously" Movie star white!. It was a hastle to cancel they make it almost impossible to cancel before the charge hits.

Thanks to Bank of america they returned the 2 charges of $87 dollar charges that next month.. Honestly i feel it was worth it the product freaking works


I'm glad to have red this before buying and losing out on money.

You know, just dip your toothbrush that has toothpaste already on it, into some baking soda.

Do this everytime you brush and your teeth will turn white. :x

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #157317

I too was taken in. Not sure at this time about charges to my card.

Keep asking my husband to check it but he hasn't. Anyway I have called the 888 # about 5 times to cancel my order. Was told they would send me an email to cancel it. Never recieved it.

Today is my 10th day for the trial. Still no product. THey do have all the correct information but somehow they have said soemthing must be wrong with my email since I am not getting the emails from them - Is something wrong with the postal service too.

Have not gotten the product. Finally today after raising my voice the woman told me not to worry she canceled the order and now I have to wait 24-48 hours to get an email confirming this -- do you think I will get it -- I am not sure about that.


I fell for this *** ad too. I don't know if I can get my money back.

dazzlin smile told my bank that this was a legitimate subscription (by the way, I have received no product).

They are nothing but CROOKED THIEVES!! I would like to have info if anyone knows how they can be stopped & how money can be returned.


I too have had (2) 87.00 charges and one 62.00 charge. I hope we find a way to stop this.


Oh my, I've also been duped. A computer novice, I gave my credit card number supposedly for a $4.95 trial; then my card was hit with a $87+ charge the same day the sample whitener arrived!

I called Visa to cancel, which they did, but today received a letter saying that Sii ONLNORD has told them it is a valid charge & I have 30 days before they recharge my card again.

What a nightmare! I'll be on the phone again; wish me luck!


SON OF A GUN!!!! I gave them my credit card number!! Now what???!!!!


Am just happy I read this page before I purchased the teeth whitening system. I was just about to order it, when I came across this page!

Am just sad that nobody warned you guys! Thanks to whoever made this page!


Yes! I also fell for this horrible trap!

They charged my account for $87.00, and the product they sent me has a different whitening company's logo on it! I am furious that people can get away with scamming like this!!!!


i have also been stung they took £60 out of my account i haven,t recieved anything total thieves don,t go on this site i have had to cancel my card


Add me onto your list, as well. I fell for the scheme too. They need to be stopped along with all of their affiliates..


It happend to me as well . I was scamed by dazzle smile.

i continued to try to cancel

and with no help from that company they have taken money from me twice as well .



Thankfully I have since gotten my money back through our bank, they tried to charge my card again, but we canceled the debit card and the charge wasn't approved, WHEW! Thank God that's over! *** crooks!


You not feeling bad for me is irrelevant...this type of dishonest business is against the law....for a reason. It swindles BILLIONS of dollars from hard working citizens every year. It's called Cyber Crime.


FYI: there are laws against these types of ripoffs for a is not the honest way to do business. There are BILLIONS of white-collar crime like these that cause loss of our hard-earned income. Whether you "feel bad for me" or not is's still against the law.

Grimsby, England, United Kingdom #88083

you're the *** that clicked on an internet add and submitted a credit card number allowing the charges. Seriously, in 2009, people STILL fall for these things?

Sorry but I don't even feel bad for you, not even for a second.


here are the facts: on 9.23.09 I paid for a 30day AND a 10 day trial on two seperate (which now I think they are together-a scam) trials of teeth whitening. THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS you spoke of...YOU NEED TO READ, not me.

I was supposed to have TEN DAYS trial....didn't receive the "trial" product until 3 weeks later, in which, my account was charged on 10.14.09 for $87.62 AND $79.95. On trial #1, I wasn't given the cancellation instructions...NONE...but when I saw the charge, I finally found a number-no info-but a number. They said they couldn't refund my money (of course) but I could return when I receive. It's 11.18.09 today and no product.

On trial #2, I INDEED DID cancel the "trial membership" within the time given, but they had charged my card before that period was even in effect, on 10.7.09 for $79.95. If all else fails -CHECK WITH THE BBB-THEY HAVE THOUSANDS of complaints!

THOUSANDS! *** theives!

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