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Did not see the small print and what i thought to be a trial of 14 days, and maybe order more if required as cost me another $87.62 Or £53.84 in my case plus the free trial.Reading the other complaints about this company i feel it is pointless telephoning them to make a complaint about there procedures and the way they have taken money out of my bank account without my consent is (FRAUD) but i can assure them they wont be getting anymore. This as put me off bying 0nline which i have done for years without any problems, lets hope soon that these people are brought to justice.

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If you have had $ charged to your account, and returned the product, or did not know you had to return the unused portion within the limited time, you should go on-line and file complaints with the Attorney General's office in your State and also the FTA at I did and I am now a witness against Dazzle.

The more claims they have, the better the case against Dazzle and we can shut them down. Join me, please.


I HATE these people they have made me overdrawn, and now i am having to pay Bank charges aswell. Can someone please give me a email or address of these people so i can stop the payments??

I cant find one anywhere! How convenient!!


Hey Messing with the Wrong Guy: Please post and tell us how it went with your complaint. I'd like to pass the info to the Attorney General in my State. These people belong in jail.


Hey John HelliWell: They won't give you your money back and you will be charged for other things they signed you up for which you won't know about until you get your bank statement and the only way you can stop it is to cancel your card. There are plenty of products that work better (Rembrandt sells a product that whitens your teeth in 2 hours and it lasts 6 months to a year - I've whitened my teeth before a wedding.

Cool.) Watch out. Don't believe these people when they say they'll give your money back or stop charging you.

That's the scam. They won't and they will tell you it is your fault for not canceling on time or for not reading the terms and conditions for which they hide a link at the bottom of their page in size 5 font.


:( These guys scammed me, signing me up for expensive trails and billing me $90.25 a month, then signing me up for a fitness program for $25.56 a month. I double checked and read the fine print when I signed up for the free offer.

I am filing a fraud claim with me credit card and the with the Ohio Attorney General.

I have never tired one of these offers until now, and this is what happened. They messed with the wrong guy.


Fraud Fraud Fraud. the pencil whitener did not even open so I immediately returned the pen to the p.o.

box address on the envlope before the trial period of one month.

Money was taken out of my account 2 weeks later without my consent. I am filing a complaints


Same format same message i received last week send it back and we will give you your money back, yes thats ok but when will i receive the goods i have paid for?.The terms and conditions were not clear to me and anyone else by the looks of things, is that not the case?. On saying that i do like the product it has helped me with the cleaning of my teeth,and yes i would have ordered more when required, but you should also make it perfectley clear to everyone about your trial period, honesty is the key for selling more of your product not deciet thats why you will loose me as a customer (no Trust).Period as you say in the U.S.A.

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