After putting on my comments today-Rhiannon,replied giving me contact numbers to try to cancel both dazzlesmile and world fit.

I have now contacted them and dazzleamile has agreed to refund the money taken from my sons account. Worldfit who my son has never heard of is apparantly a fitness website you have signed up to without knowing when yoy give your deatils to Dazzlesmile. I have received cancellation references from both companys. If you want to cancel dazzlewhite call 08081201987 and worldfit(USA Number) 001866407590.

Many thanks Rhiannon for putting me in the right direction.

I urge everone who has been fleeced to call these numbers now.

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Same here charged twice for the world fit part $24.13 caught it this morning looking over my account. It seems there a lot of people having the same problem.

disputing charges atm.. we shall see.


US numbers for these companies. Dazzle white has several names: Premium white is one of the other names. They change their name regularly. As of today's date, 1-3-2010, I have all my money back except one shipment (awaiting money back from it)thanks to my credit card company.

Dazzle white: 877-5947850

world fit: 866-407-5590


Hi Can you tell me how to contact these companies from UK. I have also had bank charges taken out for Worldfit, Smile Bright and White teeth.


What would be the phone number in USA?

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