Stay away from Dazzlesmile, beauty club & pristine health as they have mislead me in false advertising, they lead me to believe that it was a trial offer of $11.95 and that was it, until I realised that they then billed my account for $87.43, I have had to cancel my bank acount which I have been with for 15 years as these different companies will be charging me $87.43 continuously. They are disgusting people who should not be allowed to get away with this. My only advice is to keep your money and keep your yellow teeth

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I tried dealing directly with these crooks but since it isn't a legitimate company I got no where. They had me for $200 between DazzleSmile and World Fitness.

I finally cancelled my card and reported the problem to the Better Business Bureau and my bank. I finally got my money back through my bank working with my credit card company. Be persistent.

Don't let these crooks keep your hard earned money. I dealt with this for about two months before it was finally over.


Teeth whitening ads are a scam - avoid at all costs. If you have been scammed, you have to call a host of numbers to cancel the fraudulent transactions.

Only then can your card company take it to dispute.

If you don't, they can charge your card forever - even if you cancel the card. Your card company will still accept the charge and chase you for payment.


been conned by dazzlesmile had 2 more payments off my credit card by ultrafreshwell and elite pack whoever they are they are now called premuinewhite and idolwhite even have one of the pussycat dolls on the web site :(


I just found this report as I was looking online for the product, I had heard good things about it and have been part of a trial run for almost a month now. I have had no problems so far, but if something happens, what would be the best and fastest way to get it taken care of?


I agree...I got ripped off...got charged the $87.43 BEFORE my "trial period" was even over...and haven't received their supposed product more than a month later-they hope I will forget and just walk away-NOT! I will make a police report, if I have grounds (theft by deception should be grounds)....this is a RIP OFFF!


I even cancelled my subscription (if you want to call it that), but now they are billing me $24.72 for some kind of membership that I knew nothing about. When I called I was told that I would have to call a different number to canx that membership and I don't even know what it is.

Surely some kind of legal action can be taken against these swindlers; it isn't all "dummies" like me at fault here. This is totally WRONG to let people get away with this type of thievery.

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