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I ordered the Dazzlesmile, LLC trial offer. Called to cancel and CONFIRMED with the representative that I was indeed within my 21 day cancel time. They gave me all the info to return the product (which was not in any literature)and I sent it back along with an unopened 30 day supply I had just received. I even insured it as I was told to do.

2 weeks later I called again to check on the refund. Again, the representative stated that I had cancelled in the required time and confirmed that they received the product. I should see my refund by X date, if not, call again.

I did. This time I was told my refund could not be processed. I got a supervisor on the line who then proceeded to tell me "their system could not transfer the refund". I kept asking what that mean and got no where. I was told I would have to dispute the charges with my bank.

I just received the bank investigation. Dazzlesmile lied to them about the entire time line. Stated that I did not cancel until well over a month after receiving the product and the bank determined that I was not due a cancellation of charges.

This company has taken $200 from me and I don't even have the crappy product. Be careful of this company. They are NOT DazzleSmile Pro - a legitimate company.

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Andrew thank you for that lovely FAKE *** comment. I called and tried to get my $25 back too bad your company didn't even know what I was calling about.

I got charged for a website and was never even told the website existed. Your terms and conditions are by no means CLEARLY stated, does clearly to you mean clearly with a magnifying glass? Your company is a complete *** excuse and a scam. You do nothing but take innocent peoples money.

Whats wrong with us wanting white teeth and paying 2.99 for a product to try it out. If your company worked and we liked the product we would continue to buy more but none of us were expecting to get a piece of *** thing that wasn't even worth the 2.99 and get scammed for hundreds of dollars. Don't come on this site acting like customer service is your number 1 goal. You wouldn't know good customer service if it bit you in the ***.

I asked repeated times to speak to a supervisor and I was told, quite rudely " our supervisors don't speak to customers" Well then wtf are supervisors for? I used to be a supervisor and my main job was helping customers resolve issues. That's what a customer service supervisor should do.

I'm livid right now. I hope you all go to jail for this ***.


Had a dealing with this company...probably in a garage somewhere other than USA...

They gave my credit card info. and I was charged $87.00 plus...when I called I got someone who had NO command of the English language ...NO WONDER THEY DON'T TAKE PAY PAL...BIG TIME RIP OFF

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