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i am completely pissed off last month i was charged £56 for a free trial that i sent off for and now this month i have just been charged by the same people under a different name £14.98 i am going to tell my bank yet again but it is like getting blood out of a stone trying to get it back from the bank this has to stop but how???

if anyone out there has had any success please can you help the rest of us they are bloody thieving bastards who shouldnt be allowed to false advertise.

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I have also been caught by this scam, in total 10 companies have all made transactions on my account, in the last few weeks i have lost close to £600, i have informed my bank who have blocked my card but said my account may still be charged, i ordered the risk free gurantee sample as it was advertised and all i would have to pay is the shipping/handling fee, no mention that associate companies would then use my details to bill me monthly, dont be fooled people, all these companies are one in the same even if they say they are not, my bank has said did i review the terms and conditions as they may not be able to refund the money!... its clear that doing basic internet searches on these companioes that they are scammers...if i can find that out i expect the fraud investigation team to be able to do the same or i should be doing their job!...its unacceptable that these companies (or company) are allowed to get away with it, it needs thouroughly investigating, and what have i have recieved from these companies for £600?

nothing so what am i subcribed and paying for?... i want my money back now, has anybody had any success?


Yeah, I too got conned! I spoke to them in America and was told that if I returned the free sample, then I would not be charged.

I returned it by special delivery the next day. Guess what? My account HAS BEEN CHARGED. My phone bill was not cheap that month either!

Luckily, my credit card company can put a stop to it. They are thieves!!


Dose anyone know how to contact Dazzle white in australia?


Oops sorry, put the title of my post where my name should have gone!

Title should have read: Dazzlesmile chief exec details - allegedly!



I will be sending an email to this address advising them to expect a call from Trading Standards. Please feel free to do the same!

Thought you might find this transcript interesting which is on its way to my credit card company and Trading Standards. It would appear that they get "confused" very often as they thought that I still wanted to pay for it and continue paying on a monthly basis after this "chat"! I have the proof of postage, but funnily enough they never acknowledged receipt:

You are now chatting with 'Maddy'

Maddy: Hello and welcome to DazzleSmile. I'll be your live operator today. May I know with whom I am chatting with?

you: Hi, I just entered my details for the free trial of Dazzle Smile but did not realise there would be ongoing charges applied after 14days. I do not want to continue with this trial and wish to cancel the order and have the shipping charge refunded please.

Maddy: Could you please provide me with your full name, email address and postal/zip code, so that I can pull up your details?


Maddy: One moment please while I locate your account information.

Maddy: You have been removed from the auto ship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments. As per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to before placing your order, your card will be charged the discounted rate of $87.62 for the first shipment of Dazzle Smile Teeth Whitening after the completion of the trial period.

Maddy: Your cancellation # is

Maddy: 420291

you: The terms and conditions didn't come up before I entered my details. I was not aware I was signing up to an additional $87.62. Please can you confirm that no charges will be added to my card?

Maddy: your card will be charged $87.62 for the first shipment of Dazzle Smile Teeth Whitening after the completion of the trial period.

Maddy: If you don't want DazzleSmile, you may return the package back as you get them.

you: But I do not want the trial at all. If I had known about this before I entered my details I would never have signed up. Please cancel the trial and do not send me any products.

Maddy: We are able to cancel your future shipments of DazzleSmile ONLY. " Which I just did ". But you will receive your order which has been placed.

you: Sorry, but this is not acceptable. Please can you cancel the trial period - I do not wish to receive the trial shipment. I feel as though I have been tricked into this and wish to raise a formal complaint if it cannot be resolved to my satisfaction - i.e. the trial shipment is cancelled and my credit card is not charged.

Maddy: As soon as the confirm button is clicked, your order is automatically sent to our shipping department. Unfortunately we are not able to stop the shipment.

Maddy: If you do not want to pay for the trial all you have to do is send the product back to us.

Maddy: We are more than happy to prevent this charge.

you: How much will it cost me to send the product back to you?

Maddy: It will depend on shipping company.

you: Will you refund this charge?

Maddy: Sorry, shipping fees are non-refundable.

you: This is not acceptable. Your terms were not clear. Please advise how I raise a formal complaint.

Maddy: You can leave an email at

you: Please can you advise me as to the name of your Chief Executive and contact details

Maddy: You can send an email.

you: What is his/her email address?


you: Thank you


The company responsible for these scams is attempting to influence search engine returns by continually posting canned responses and boosting their own sites. Don't let this happen.

If you see a canned response don't let them get the last word. This company and product is a scam!


I too have fallen into the trap and can fully sympathise. I have however had my bank (Abbey) promise to refund me the total amount - 2 payments of £55 and a 3rd payment of £17 in total.

They should be reported to the Ombudsman and stopped from so falsely trading. As you say..Bastards.


Same here. Never been said, at least not overtly, that Worldfit would keep charging my card on a monthly basis. My bank is investigating too.

Worldfit postal address is:

Kit Access Farend Services Limited

E. 26th Ave

Aurora Colorado 80019

United States of America


the worst is to think i signed up for this *** because i have no money to pay for a regular teeth whitening kit... so you're scamming the already broke for cash.

nice. couldn't get a refund. cancelled the card.

lost over $250. *** should be shut down.


I too got stung by these bastards. I returned their worthless product only for them to bill me anyway as well as too worldfit subscription charges!!!

I have since canceled my card but I want all those charges refunded.

So far I have two UK contact numbers for them 0-808-120-1987 for UK and 0808 120 2346 for Worldfit but they won't give me an address. I am wondering if we couldn't get together collectively and sue them through the small claims court?


i signed up for a trial from premium white, i am also being scammed by sup worldfit, i have never signed an agreement with them, this is fraud!! i tried cancelling my card with my bank they said it wouldnt make any difference as worldfit have access to my account!!! iv just rang worldfit, they have assured me everything has been cancelled, we'l see........


UK Phone No is 0808 120 1962 for smilebright/premium white

0808 120 2346 for worldfit

best thing to do is to get your bank card changed !!!!

Mount Mourne, North Carolina, United States #102087

Have spoken to my credit card provider and they are going to refund the charges and investigate.

I have copies of the web-chats and emails confirming that we did not wish to proceed with the transaction the moment we found out about the monthly charges, that we would not be charged if we returned the item in time, and confirmation that we did return the item in time - all of which will go to my credit card provider.

I hope that Dazzle White are prosecuted, though I expect that the charges are too low for my credit card provider to bother.

I have also cancelled my card to stop them charging under a 4th pseudonym in February.

My advice to anyone researching dazzle white on the internet - Avoid them like the plague - in my view they are either dishonest, underhand or at best incompetent.


I too am getting charged, despite being promised that the transaction was cancelled.

The best way to resolve this is to call your credit card company and report it as fraud. That will put a stop to the transactions. That's what I'm about to do now.


Yeah - they caught me too - and they are persistent buggers, I have tried leaving the account linked to my card empty but they still keep billing me when I have any money in it - I think the best bet is to go through the lost card process and get a new card no.

Forget any refunds - this is pure scam - just try to stop any further bills.


The company that charged me was ULTIFRESHWELL-phone-866-948-5508

The company that I shipped Dazzlesmile or Dazzlewhite back to for refund is-Dazzlesmile USA, 22100 E. 26th Ave.

#100 Aurora, Co.

80019!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


I don't know why somebody doesn't stop this scam!!! It took me 3 months to get my money back and I cancelled 3 days after I received Dazzlesmile and paid $7 to ship s**t back in 13 days and it still took 3 months to get a refund!!!


I too became victim to Dazzlewhite and, unfortunately, I stupidly gave my credit card number. I have been told by both the credit card company and consumer rights that I have agreed to a contract with this company and therefore cannot stop the payments via the credit card company-I have to do this directly with the seller.

I have written to Dazzle white, by registered post, enclosing a cancellation letter and the product and this was sent within the 30 day limit. Hey ho - I have once again been debited and, in addition, they are now also debiting for Worldfit which I have never requested. I am also tearing my hair out. I have no advice really, I just wanted to sympathise with everyone.

Why on earth the *** company keeps putting that standard blurb out as above to our complaints I'll never know. It's a complete fabrication.


On 17 October I responded to a pop-up ad on my computer with a smiling lady, promising dazzling white teeth on a trial product with postage of $14. After ordering the free trial with postage, I received a gel-like product which is in no way effective at all- I tell you, my teeth haven't gone DAZZLING white (lol)!

Anyway, in December I got charged four times on 7, 11, 15 & 17 December for $56, $16.93, $56 and another $16.93 for what I never ordered. My bank is refusing to take up the case, claiming I willingly gave my card details to start with, but I managed to get them to put an appeal through and right now, I'm hoping to contact this so called insensitive DAZZLING company- fingers crossed!!


sup:worldfit is a ripoff *** web site that chargers customers for subscriptions that they never sigh up for. If they were really concerned about customer satisfaction they would not have this many complaints about them.

The way they get customers is sneaky and underhanded. I canceled dazzle white in November and worldfit charged me $24.13 in December what kind of *** is that.I feel i should be issued a refund because i never agreed to this subscription, I was also informed that they sent me a e-mail confirming my order another lie,because if i did get that e-mail i would have canceled then I contacted them today and canceled I have reference number to avoid any more wrongful charges on my account.

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