I was another victim of the "dazzle smile" FRAUD/SCAM.Call your bank or credit card company now to cancel your card to prevent any further charges.

I read the terms and conditions, canceled my membership, and sent the product back within the 30 days with a tracking confirmation from USPS. They will not refund $87.62 charged to my CC, stating it was a dirty return and they could not identify the product. They did say if the mailer was insured they would refund my money. Unfortunately it was not insured, but I wouldn't trust that either.

In addition to all of that,"sup world fit" has charged my CC $24.13 for some website membership that I was signed on to and unaware of.

WOW what a learning experience.Now I'm just trying to deal with my anger.

Monetary Loss: $111.


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I also sent for the intro kit for $1.99.As soon as I received it, I called and cancelled.

I thought everything was fine and put it out of my mind. The next thing I know is I get an overdraft charge from the bank, saying it was a charge of around $57. from Dazzlewhite. I immediately called the company, spoke with a supervisor (supposedly), gave him my confirmation number for the cancellation, and he had the nerve to tell me that since the kit had already been sent out, I was still responsible for the charge.

I immediately informed him that I had not authorized the shipment and therefore the costs was on them. Also, I had not received a kit at that time and never did. I closed my bank account and opened another at the bank's urging. Next month, the same thing happened.

I got another charge to my new account which I had never given the numbers to. I went to the bank again, they were flabbergasted as to how this charge had gone through on this new account. I had not even validated the new card.

The bank did reverse charges and took care of the situation, but stay as far away from this company as you can!!!!SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I too was scammed by Dazzle Smile/Sup*World Fit.I only paid $1.99 for the whitening products and cancelled them immediately after receiving the trial package.

I guess I was lucky because there were no additional charges from Dazzle Smile. However, I was hit a month later for the nonrefundable $24.13 from Sup*World Fit for membership to their website. Now, only Kreskin or those with ESP would know about this membership. Called my bank and,fortunately, they were right on it and cancelled my card immediately.

They gave me a temporary credit for the $24.13 while I went through the dispute process.

Bank of America agreed that it was a valid dispute and permanently credited my account the $24.13.The whole dispute process took maybe 2 weeks.


Just found the charge on my CC, called the following number and was asked for the toll free number on CC statement, the operator then cancelled the membership.

Asked for employee name and number for reference and have to see if it appears next month, if it does going to cancel card.

Number to call is 0-808-120-2346 which according to BT is a freephone number.

Good Luck


These people don't have a BRAIN! Re-phrase the inventor of this SCAM HAS A BRAIN ENOUGH TO RIP PEOPLE OFF!

I hope you don't sleep at night RIPPING OFF THESE MANY PEOPLE!

Your management staff ar a bunch of COWARDS! Refusing to come on the phone to hand le CUSTOMERS who are unhappy being ripped off!


I wish I would have done a google search on Dazzle White Products before ordering.I also was scammed, I paid the $87.62 to inprove health, and the 87.15 to bedazzled.

Then I also got nailed with this *** $24.13 to Sup World Fit which I have never even heard of.

I will be disputing this charges with my cc.Not sure where I will get but what a scam!


The only way I got any satifaction after spending much of my day trying to stop these scammers was to put the word out, and can you believe the comment out out by the dazzel smile people what a bunch of *** huh?


Same problem here.My credit card company put a billing block on Dazzlesmile and UltiFreshwell and they still were able to post another charge of $24.13 on my account despite the block.

I finally called them and closed the account to prevent further charges and wasted time.I will get a new credit card number in a few days and be rid of these rip-offs...


can i please know how you guys got your money back????how do i begin that process??


same thing happened to me.Its funny that the company is saying the didnt mean to inconvinience us.

It's happening to people over and over again.FRAUD dont trust anything dazzle smile or premiere whitening says



DAZZLE SMILE TRIED TO TAKE MONEY BUT WE MANAGED TO GET IT BACK NOW SUB WORLD FIT HAVE TAKEN MONEY OUT OUR ACCOUNT 2 MONTHS LATER WHICH SEEMS TO HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH DAZZLE SMILE ,GET YOUR CARD CANCELLED, believe me a lot more companies will be claiming money - they are all linked to Dazzle smile, Dazzle white and Premier whitening. For most companies you will not be able to find a phone number and if you email it is just returned.

Other companies also involved are - CGL whitening, Sup*smilebright, Everbright smiles, Ultifreshwell, Beauty club

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