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ordered 14 day free trial, 14 days no product, company says they will have to charge 87.00 $ unless i return used product!! spent a lot of time talking to " customer service" Linda actually said how do we know you didnt get the product?

then Marie said product was delivered to some sddress in west palm beach Hours from where I live!!!

I had to inform them this is illegal activity !!~!AMAZING I cannot beleive how much time & energy I had tospend to try to explain to these people that if they sentthe product to west palm beach that was not my responsibility . they gave me a tracking # & invited me to comtact USPS!!

Monetary Loss: $87.

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Yep. I was charged 86.93 after i called and halted my order for the free trial.

Since my 30 day period had lapsed since the order (Nov 3rd) and my card wasn't charged till (Dec 3rd) there is no way to get my money back. Danika employee 159140 was a total and complete *** at trying to help me. Basically saying it was my fault even though I called before I ever recieved the item. Then she told me there was no one (above her) i could speak with or no email address I could contact someone through.

These people are scammers. DONT ORDER A *** THING FROM THEM!


I too have been ripped off by these Dazzle Smile people. They have dipped into my bank account 3 times under 3 different names and all I asked for was a free trial of which I was willing to pay the postage.

The website is non existent and the phone cancellation number keeps you hanging on forever. As I live in UK our own Trades Description people are uninterested as the company with (many different names) trades in the US and as I willingly gave these crooks my details the bank will not recognise the fraud.

I can ill afford to be ripped off and cannot believe the brass neck of these people. I have had to completely close down my account and start again at huge inconvenience to myself and my family


November 6th 2009

I was scammed by Dazlesmilepro and have had to cancel my credit card. I initially complained to the genuine Dazzlesmile website thinking they were the same outfit.

I have just received an email from them saying that they are going to shut Dazzlesmilepro down and need our help. Send an email to Or and ask for the Sample Legal Form.

This is what they said

“In order to convince the FTC and courts of the deceptive practices that Dazzle Smile Pro was using to get people to sign up for a “free trial”, we are asking as many customers as possible to write up their stories. I have attached a sample declaration, which is the format used by courts. Please write up, in your words and with as much detail as you can, including names and dates whenever possible, what you experienced when you purchased Dazzle Smile Pro

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me anytime. My direct line is (801) 649-3805. The sooner we get these declarations back, the sooner we can get this situation resolved. Please respond by e-mail for now and if we need an original signature for the lawsuit, we will send you a prepaid envelope so that you are not incurring any additional expenses.”

We now have a chance to get back at these criminals. Tell everyone you know on every Complaints Forum.


Seriously, they are CROOKS! Had the same experience.

One of the call center guys even threatened me with their "team of lawyers."

They need to be shut down. Cancel your credit card immediately!

Prichard, Alabama, United States #77695

I saw the ad pop up on my monitor and thought about ordering, glad I read up on it before ordering. Thanks to everyone for their 'consumer reports'.


scam, only ripping you off!


Hi....just a note ....she just said she had not received the porduct ; how can she send it back to you when she never received it...look at what you worte !!!

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