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Please, if you have been scammed by Dazzle Smile(White)or any other subsiderary of this demonic organization, let your voice be heard. Contact any and all complaint board and the online BBB. I'm out over $250 even though I followed the rules of cancellation and in trying to get part of my money returned, then was hit with a charge from Worldfit - an E Book I never signed up for.

There is NO customer service per say and when you talk to the scam artist on the phone they weave LIES. This group is EVIL and you will never get any of your money refunded.

I am changing my account at the bank tomorrow and would suggest that anyone else that has crossed paths with them do the same. You never know when months down the line a "NEW" group will charge your account with the excuse "You signed up for this months ago".


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mr andrew bluto you post after most comments about this scam you say so much *** about you didn`t mean to inconvenicnce anyone bull *** you no this is a big *** ,if you was bother you would get back to me and ever one and make full refunds of all the money you have scam of us all by all the names you call your self .i hope you go home at nigth and can sleep your look will run out .you will be stoped .


first of all you need to know phone number of where you ordred Dazzlesmile or Dazzlewhite!!!They should have your email address or charge card number!!! then cancel and track product back to company to verify when they receive it!!!

then call your credit card billing disput dept. and report them and cancel your credit card and let them issue you a new card!!! Keep up with Name and phone number of who charges you!!!

ULITFRESHWELL phone # 866-948-5508 charged me $87.62 for Dazzlesmile!!! It took me 3 months to recover my money!!!I hope this helps, Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


I have been scammed by Dazzle White. I am still trying to get my money back. They automatically bill your card even if

you follow the plan and never send you a

product either.

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