DazzleSmile is a scam. The company name is Premium White, the product is DazzleSmile and you will be billed under SmileBrite.

The product they send you is not a free trial. In fact, it is the "complete" one-month supply and you must call within the first 14 days to cancel any further billing on your account. The easiest number to reach them is 866-989-2686. If you get a rude customer rep like Chris, try calling again and you may have better luck.

I called 4 days before my 30-day money-back guarantee expired and Chris told me my product will not arrive at their warehouse by the 30th day so I MUST pay for the full tube (which is the one that was supposed to be the 14-day trial tube). He said there was no supervisor I could speak to regarding a refund because that's the way it is. What a big scam. I mentioned that my "trial" product arrived with a flyer stating "60-day satisfaction guarantee" and he said he had no knowledge of such offer.

All he knew was if the product doesn't sit in their warehouse w/in 30 days, they will charge your credit card. Save yourself some headache.

It isn't worth it!!!!!!

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