After spending a $1.95 for shipping and handling on a FREE trial size of Dazzle Smile, the company just a week or two later charged my credit card another $89.37. When I asked what the company's phone # was associated with the authorization, it wasn't in service.

It was almost impossible to reach a customer service representative. They were rude and uncooperative. I mailed the package back and got a tracking number. Everything was sent back as requested.

They still haven't gotten it according to the tracking number. I filed a dispute at my bank in the fraud dept. Please do not fall for this or any FREE trial offers. They are nothing but cons trying to take your money and not to mention the time it takes to resolve the issues.

This *** thing has cost me well over $100.00 and hours of my time and the matter still isn't resolved.

Please do not fall for this!! Why hasn't anything been done about this company?!!!!!

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They are a FRAUD the woman I spoke with from the company even called it a fraud company! They say it’s a free trial don’t post any prices or mail any further information on prices or upcoming products going to be sent.

But on the 30th day they're fast to charge your account without your knowledge!

You call and "there’s nothing they can do." Even though the pamphlet received states 60 day satisfaction guarantee the person on the phone says it an old pamphlet "nothing they can do". The woman told me to take it up with my bank, have them call it in as a fraud case (they know they’re ripping us off!!!)


Same problems as everyone has already explained. I tried to cancel the order FIVE Minutes after I ordered online.

I called 1-866 528-6214 and was informed that shipment is automatic, that the company DOES NOT have an E-mail address and the customer service reps refuse to let me speak with a supervisor and they stated that it is company policy to NOT return phone calls or have supervisors speak with anyone. I notified my credit card company and I filed a complaint with the FTC.gov and the BBB. I will fight this SCAM Company. I will do whatever I can to not get any charges.

I informed them that I refused any shippment or charges. I had to follow thier confusing and difficult return procedure. Why couldn't they just cancel my order.

ANY REPUTABLE Company will allow you to cancel before a product is shipped. Well, they may get over on many people, but they messed with the wrong person this time.


Call your credit card company, tell them you canceled within the allowed period. It doesn't matter if you didn't. If you did get a sample, tell them you just got an empty envelope. If they ask you for documentation, tell them none was generated. You only got the original email which said you could cancel and you did. You never got any other info.

If it was a bank, tell them the same storyand and you want your money back, it was not authorized. They will do a charge back as will the Credit card company.

Close your Credit card acct.

Be careful, if you just say you lost your CC card, that is not enough. Close that credit card completely, reapply later. You will get other charges with a company name change if you don't close it.

If they ask if you called, say yes and you told them to cancel and they said they would but you were still billed.

Charge backs costs these scammers money, I used the above strategy and got all of my money back plus it caused them to lose money via charge backs.

Fight back people!

Don't just accept the charges and what the bank says. Tell the banks you followed the cancelation procedure exactly and stick to your guns saying the transaction was not authorized..

Post info like this for others


Dazzle Smile has changed its name to Premium White, and is still doing the same trick. I was a victim too.

I had to call the company and spoke to a lady (who spoke like a robot, no emotion at all) She told me I would be charged even if I return the trial product. What a crook!


F-in wafa abboud SHUT THE F UP! I don't know how these people sleep at night and how they don't get sick of peoples verbal abuse because of their anger over being scammed and just say "clearly this is a bad 'company' to be working for!" I will ask the same question as many of you: Why hasn't something been done about this company!?? People are still getting accidentally rooked into this everyday just as I did!


this guy is a flake just like the rest of those dazzle smile jerks

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