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I signed for the trial tubes in reference to the article by the woman who said she did not have to order any other products. I clicked the button saying I would NOT be a member, and informed the 3 different phone calls I received from these companies that I would NOT be a member.

I received an unsolicited tube from Celebrity Smile on 12/26/09, and checked my credit card account online. These 2 companies had charged my credit card with a total of $307.00 of charges since the last statement. A company Worldfit had charged $24.13. The company could not be reached on the weekend, but I called today and told each of the companies to take me off the list.

Both companies stated I was automatically a member. I was informed they would "cancel my membership" Wrong I was never a member, and the charges need to be dropped from my account.

We need to organize a class action suit for these deceptive and illegal practices. I urge everyone who has been scammed by these companies to contact the Federal Trade Commission with a complaint.

Monetary Loss: $307.

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I ordered the trial sizes as well, and was charged $149.95 for Teeth Celeb, and $87.32 for the Celebrity White. When I called to cancel I was informed I did not read the "fine" print, that I would be charged after 10 days of ordering the product.

In most cases, you are given a little more time to try the product and charged 10 days after receiving a product. The charges were added on the 10th day. I was given cancellation #'s on both products and the Celebrity White said I would be refunded, but Teeth Celeb would not refund. They said I had to ask via email (which I've done - no reponse yet).

I asked to speak to a Supervisor but was told they were all busy. Yeah - right. I, too, agree something needs to be done.

That took 1/3 my income for the week and I leave modestly from week to week anyway. :sigh

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